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4 Bay Trailer


The 4 Trailer Unit consists of 4 separate cubicles, including a fresh water flush toilet, hand basin and vanity area in each individual cubicle. The unit doors open each end, enabling the unit to be parked parallel for ease of space. These units are a compact space, meaning the most amount of toilets in the smallest of space. Perfect for occasions with limite space! 


Exterior: White Finish 

Cubicles: 4 Individual Cubicles with interior vanity area and hand basins. 

Interior: White      Flooring: Platinum Oak 

Lighting: LED

Taps: Auto Infrared Taps, Heated Hand Water

Steps: Fold Down Aluminium, Stainless Steel  Handrails 


4 Bay units are fully self-contained, requiring only a connection to a 13 amp (A) power source either via mains or generator. The 4 Bay units can also be solar powered, units are ideal for remote locations with no access to power. 
The chosen set up site should be solid and level ground, allowing access for appropriate towing vehicle including any turning space required. 


Electrical connection is via 16 amp (A) connection with a current draw of 10 amps (A) or Solar powered. 

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